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CONTEMPLATE, ENGAGE, ENJOY - With experience in project management and education, Maud is the key logistics coordinator for all SDI events, including our exciting “Seeking Connection 2019 - Across Generations” conference in Bellevue, Washington, USA. A native of La Belle France, she also guides the SDI Spiritual Journeys program. More.

BLOG: Being Fully Present to Your Emotions

Being Fully Present - "There are 30 stones on the strand. The number of seconds I like to soak in my moments." - Staci Lee Kennelly

Los Angeles spiritual director Staci Lee Kennelly uses this spiritual practice to be present - especially when she's feeling resistant to her emotions and experiences. READ IT NOW.

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NEW ORGANIZATION MEMBERSHIP - This is a great way for  training programs, retreats and workshops to connect with students and seekers. Do you run one of these programs? Our Seek & Find Guide can help you reach your audience. With options for a photo and video. Learn more.