Meet our inspiring keynote speakers for next year's SDI conference -- Rev. angel Kyodo williams Sensei and Mirabai Starr.. deeply compassionate, creatively contemplative and devoted to social justice. Learn more here.


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2018 SDI Conference - Registration open!

Here's what you can expect at Seeking Connection 2018: Spirit-sparking, globally-respected speakers ... Workshops that inspire and offer practical wisdom ... Options to make a spiritual journey, or go on a retreat, or to join an institute to learn in-depth....This conference will change your life -whether you are a spiritual director or a seeker.  Early Bird prices apply till January 15, 2018. Save $100. Members save an additional $100.  Join us!

One Way to Heal Division

We've all heard about turning the other cheek ... what if we turned both ears towards those we disagree with as well? This blog post from spiritual director Rev. Catherine Tran offers a breath of fresh air and common sense... It's a peaceful but potent strategy to heal division anytime, anywhere. #listening #peace