2017 Coordinating Council Nominations

Are you called to join the leadership of Spiritual Directors International?

Spiritual Directors International is governed by the coordinating council—a group of servant leaders. Members of the coordinating council serve for three-year terms. In June 2017, SDI will fill the council seat served by John Pollard. The term begins: 1 July 2017.

As a member of SDI, you are invited to help the nominating committee by providing nominations.

If you are called to serve, please fill out the nomination form and send it—along with your photograph—to office@sdiworld.org by 28 March 2017.

Download Nomination Form (PDF) Use this version to print and fill out by hand.
Download Nomination Form (MS Word) Use this version to fill out electronically.

If you know leaders with governance experience whom you would recommend, please contact them and invite them to fill out the nomination form. The ideal candidate will help SDI respond to—and celebrate—the diversity of international, cultural, racial, ethnic, faith, gender, generation, sexual orientation, and differently-abled backgrounds of the seekers and spiritual companions of SDI.

The most essential characteristic of a coordinating council member is a personal spiritual grounding and capacity to enjoy and model contemplative decision-making processes that are rooted in deep listening, consensus, and collaboration.

Additional required skills and experience:

  • non-profit governance experience;
  • treasurer, chair, or secretary skills and experience;
  • communications and publishing expertise (marketing, public relations, print and online education publishing);
  • experience leading formation and training programs for spiritual directors;
  • ability to commit the time required—a three-year commitment; one multi-day meeting in September, October, or November; one multi-day meeting before the annual educational events; and monthly teleconferences (cost of travel, accommodations, and meals are covered by SDI);
  • experience as a spiritual director for five or more years;
  • ability to, and ease in, travel;
  • ability and ease in using technology for meetings and work between meetings;
  • ability to adapt to changing technology;
  • demonstrates the capacity for openness to diversity and self-reflection;
  • practices a high level of integrity, ethical conduct, and transparency.

Please e-mail your nomination form or any questions to office@sdiworld.org.