Inviting the Stranger

3 June 2017

Seattle First Baptist Church; 1:00–5:00 p.m.

Many of us feel besieged these days, and can fall back on the instinct to build barriers, seemingly for protection and safety, instead of bridges to community and understanding. We can feel prompted to act based on our fears, rather than invited to look beyond them. Spiritual Directors International is committed to engaging and wrestling with these challenging emotions through contemplative listening to discover how we can respond with greater empathy and peace.

Spiritual direction has ancient roots across spiritual traditions and offers a way to examine life, challenges, and each individual’s inner truth. By engaging in peaceful dialogue and contemplative listening—key components of spiritual direction—we will reflect on the “Other” or “Stranger” you have encountered, as well as the inner “Stranger” from which you may have become alienated.

Come join participants from a wide variety of spiritual traditions and manifestations who are passionate about spiritual care, friendship, and cultivating positive change in our communities.

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