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Seek and Find Guide Instructions

The Seek and Find Guide exists in a Google map format to allow interactive access to spiritual directors in specific geographic locations. You can find spiritual directors by navigating (click, zoom, and drag) the map, or by using the search boxes located above the map.

Blue and white SDI starburst symbols  will appear on the map when you zoom in where spiritual directors are offering spiritual direction. Spiritual directors in that location will also be listed by name in the column to the left of the map.

You can also use the menu above the map to choose whether to search for spiritual directors, formation and training programs, or retreat centers with spiritual direction.

Watch a brief video tutorial on how to use the map:

Navigating the Map

Click on the map with your mouse, hold the button down, and drag the map so that the location you are seeking is in the middle of the screen.

A green circle with a plus sign will indicate that you will need to zoom in to display results of spiritual directors in that location.

You can use the compass navigation buttons located in the upper left-hand corner of the map to move the map, as well as the vertical bar to zoom in or out. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can also use it to zoom in or out.

Another easy way to navigate is by using the search boxes located above the map. From left to right, the menus are: “What are you looking for?” “Enter your location here,” and “Key words.”

Use the “Enter your location here” box to find your location. You can type in cities, postal codes, countries, provinces, states, etc. Type your location and click “Search.” Anything that Google understands as a location should work. Because many places use similar names, you may need to search with additional information.

Note: To protect the privacy of spiritual directors, all locations for spiritual directors are approximate.

We hope you enjoy this version of the Spiritual Directors International Seek and Find Guide.

If you have suggestions or issues, please send your comments to office@sdiworld.org.






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