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Prayer for Openness

Enjoy this free prayer for your own reflection or to share with others.

"Prayer for Openness" by Joyce Rupp, OSM

Three Chairs

Charlie Hartwell and Tim Frantzich from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, created a chant to help communicate the value of spiritual direction, using the image of three chairs.

Three chairs assist in describing the ministry and service of spiritual direction by offering a visual for the true spiritual director being the spirit, presence, holy one (or that which defies naming and is the true spiritual director) who always is available and offering guidance in every contemplative encounter of spiritual direction, seated in the third chair.

Read: "The Third Chair" by Jinks Hoffmann

Listen: "Three Chairs" Chant Music by Charlie Hartwell and Tim Frantzich

Download: Music score for "Three Chairs" by Charlie Hartwell and Tim Frantzich

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