SDI Learns from … Alfred DePew and Mary Waskowiak, RSM

Alfred DePew and Mary Waskowiak, RSM, address differences and similarities between spiritual direction and coaching.

Questions this video addresses:

  1. What similarities exist between spiritual direction and coaching?
  2. How does listening apply in a variety of helping relationships?
  3. What tools exists in other helping modalities that might be applicable for a spiritual seeker?

Alfred DePew, MA, is a professional, certified coach and serves on the faculty of the Center for Right Relationship. He offers ministry and service in facilitation, leadership development, and spiritual direction in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Mary Waskowiak, RSM, is the director of leadership and spirituality services at Mercy Center in Burlingame, California, USA. Her background includes teaching, spiritual direction, formation, pastoral education, facilitation, and congregational leadership. She resides in San Francisco, California, USA.