Spiritual Direction Dissertations

Dissertation summaries here are related to spiritual guidance and are submitted by Spiritual Directors International members.

Brief summaries are available to download for each dissertation, including directions for obtaining the full documents. Dissertation information has been provided by their respective authors.

Dissertation Download
Ball, Reverend Thomas M. EdD, DMin. "Clothed and in his right mind: A four-fold ministry of spiritual direction, sexual abuse recovery, dissociative identiy disorder treatment, and prayer for inner healing of memories and deliverance." The Graduate Theological Foundation, November 27th, 1998. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Brantley, Mary Ellen. “Executive Coaching and Deep Learning.” PhD diss., Fielding Graduate University, 2007. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Choi, Alan Kwei Hang. "Walking with Spiritual Directors: An Act of Supporting, Discerning and Sustaining." DMin diss., Bakke Graduate University, 2012. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Clark, Diane Lynn Elder. "Tearing the Veil: A Poetic Journey Toward Wholeness." PhD diss., St. Stephen's College, 1999. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Dillenschneider, A. "The relationship between the spiritual practices and leadership style of United Methodist pastors and lay leaders." Doctoral diss., Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland University, 2000. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Erlichman, Karen L., DMin. "Tending the Divine Spark: A Contemporary Model of Spiritual Direction Supervision." DMin. Thesis, Graduate Theological Foundation, 2015. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Feintech, Vivian A., DMin. "Sh’ma Kolenu ~ Voices in Spiritual Direction: A Study of Spiritual Practices, Hallmarks of Maturation and Their Correlation for the Practice of Jewish Spiritual Direction." PhD diss, Graduate Theological Foundation, 2007. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Fowler, Susan I. " Community Leadership: Spiritual Foundations for Social Transformation." PhD diss., Mercy Center, 2004. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Graham, Virginia Bunnell. “Sandwerk as an Individual Spiritual Practice.” PhD diss., Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2006. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Hardy, Douglas S. “Redescribing Relationships in Christian Spiritual Direction Using Winnicott’s Psychoanalytic Object Relations Theory.” PhD diss, Boston University, 2000. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Kaplan, Mark Allen. "The Experience of Divine Guidance: A Qualitative Study of the Human Endeavor to Seek, Receive, and Follow Guidance from a Perceived Divine Source." Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 2005. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
O’Fallon, Teresa J. “The Evolution of the Human Soul: Developmental Practices in Spiritual Guidance”. Master’s thesis, Lorian Center for Incarnational Studies, 2009. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Prechtel, Daniel L. "To Have the Mind of Christ: Symbol Guidance and the Development of Communal Symbol Guidance Processes for Parish Life, Mission, and Ministry." DMin. thesis, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, 2002. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Sherman, Susan K. “Compassion in the Practice of Spiritual Direction.” Master’s thesis, Lorian Center for Incarnational Studies, 2009. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Truscott, Stephen. “A Study of the Developmental Influences that Shape the Contemporary Practice of Beginning and Advanced Spiritual Directors.” PhD diss., Murdoch University, 2007. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Vooght, C.E. “Living Playful Inquiry.” Doctoral thesis, The University of the West of England, 2007. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Wilhelm, Susan. “Kenosis as a Paradigm for the On-going Transformational Journey of Spiritual Mentors.” Diss., Graduate Theological Foundation, 2008. Download dissertation summary (PDF)
Yue, Paula J. “Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer) and the Evolution of Consciousness as Revealed in Instances of Healing in Master Practitioners of Religious Science.” PhD diss., Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 1995. Download dissertation summary (PDF)