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New Resources for Spiritual Companions

Portrait of a Spiritual Director

 SDI is delighted to launch two keystone resources .....Please click on the following links, read, discern and let us know what you think.  Portrait of a Spiritual Director & 5 Principles of Spiritual Direction Training Programs. They are for everyone who practices, teaches or is learning spiritual companionship - and for every seeker on the planet.

BLOG: 4 Ways to Embrace Desert Spirituality

Journey to Wholeness - Ghost Ranch

November 10-15, 2019

Have you ever contemplated crytobiotic soil? Paid attention to catcus prickles and shadows? Tracked your soul's footprints? Found a mirror of your own deep beauty? Ghost Ranch retreat co-leader Carol Kortsch explains. Read more.

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Jade Goldschmidt provides daily support to SDI members.  Should you have questions about navigating the website, require assistance processing a payment, or have a general question, she's happy to assist you. After work, Jade can be found experimenting in the kitchen,  playing in her garden, or exploring the Pacific Northwest with her pup. Learn more about our staff.