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The Three Chairs

Spiritual Directors International offers the image of three chairs as a visual reminder of who is present during spiritual direction. In one chair a seeker sits, desiring a deeper relationship with God, a Higher Power, or Ultimate Reality. In a second chair, a spiritual director listens, inquires, and holds the space for the seeker to encounter the true Spiritual Director in the third chair.

The Third Chair.

You are a Spiritual Director.
I sit in my chair
you in yours.
I have come to see you
with a longing
that mystifies me.
You draw my attention
to the third chair
in the room:
You invite me to see
with the eye of my heart
the Source
of my longing:
the Eternal, invisible, loving, guiding,
challenging, insistent
in the third chair.

—Jennifer (Jinks) Hoffmann

SDI is grateful for those who have contributed to the imagery of the three chairs that remind us that God is everywhere and always available to guide us. Specifically, David Budd for the evocative images, Jennifer “Jinks” Hoffmann for her inspiring poem, and Charlie Hartwell and Tim Frantzich for the moving chant.

If your muse is inspired by the visual reminder of three chairs, feel free to write a poem, chant, or create a photo. If you would like to share it, please send it to programs@sdiworld.org.

Listen: "Three Chairs" chant music by Charlie Hartwell and Tim Frantzich

Download: Music score for "Three Chairs" by Charlie Hartwell and Tim Frantzich

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