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Exodus: the Current Miracle

Guest Author: 
Jennifer (Jinks) Hoffmann

The opus of the soul consists of three parts: Insight. Action. Endurance.

—Carl Jung

Hurriedly we leave. The bread
does not have time to rise.
The journey to freedom compels.

At the beginning, we know.
A cloud by day, a pillar of fire
by night. The shackles of bondage

float to the heavens with our gratitude.
Bondage is strange though.
There is comfort in the known.

The desert is harsh, unforgiving.
The joy of freedom evaporates
under the hot sun. Our feet

yearn to turn backwards towards
the familiar. The land of milk and honey
is not visible, still but a yearning.

Our wise leader is resolute.
He moves ahead despite his fatigue.
Grumbling, dissatisfied, we follow.

The exultation of freedom is but a memory.
We do not know if the cloud by day
or the fire by night are merely

of our longing. We trudge
under a relentless sky. We long
for a miracle. The journey towards

a new home seems interminable.
Yet, day by day, night by night,
we walk. Perhaps this is faith?

There is no certainty. Perhaps the reins
of bondage are broken by the journey?
Perhaps freedom from slavery is more

than leaving the old? Perhaps love
and friendship grow in the desert? As we
tend one another, in our weariness

in our hunger, in our thirst, perhaps
this is where the seeds of one of our primary
beliefs is sown? Love-in-community. Love-in-action.

Jennifer (Jinks) Hoffmann             March 20, 2013

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