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An Invitation to Give as You Receive -- SDI Conference 2018

Guest Author: 
Steven Crandell


The SDI Conference "Seeking Connection 2018" is an invitation to create community in a way that creates positive change. 

In times of tumult and suffering, those who attend will have the opportunity to give of themselves even as they abundantly receive.

What makes this conference such an opportunity to make a difference?

It’s not just the remarkable speakers. It’s not the workshops you can attend ... or  the option to make a spiritual journey … or go on a retreat ….or to join a 1-day intensive session to learn in-depth. 

It’s the people. 

From the minute you enter the St. Louis Union Station Hotel next April, you’ll start to feel at home with strangers. Imagine that. Each unknown face will be an opportunity to expand personally, socially, spiritually. 

Talk about a voyage of discovery. There is nothing is this world like creating community face-to-face. You learn a lot about each person you meet. You learn more about yourself. And most important, you will help grow our movement. Your tuition, of course, helps maintain and grow our global contemplative community, making spiritual direction available to more people every day. But your "presence" at the conference also does something deeper.

Many attendees talk about entering a sacred and nourishing space at the conference – a place of potential, of great comfort, of profound discovery. This is what it means to practice curiosity … to be a spiritual explorer … to accept difference and inter-connection in one breath.  

Next April in St. Louis, we will become a living example of how listening and compassion can connect inner being with well being, how diversity can make us wiser and  stronger, how community starts with the stillness within. This is how the  Contemplative Revolution begins - by reminding all people of the great resources they have inside and offering the spiritual companionship that can help them chart their own course to peace and joy and service. 

Welcome to the Spiritual Directors International Public Square of Spirit -  a community where all people are invited to enter with their spiritual inclinations intact (or none at all). Where hospitality is the rule not the exception. 

Might there be surprises at this conference? Naturally. Mystery and grace are nothing if not spontaneous. 

Will there be challenges? Of course. We do not learn if we live in a bubble of sameness. 

In a world that often despairs over differences, we will stand together in St. Louis to celebrate them, to show that all people deserve spiritual freedom. 

Yes, please come to our gathering.    Come ready to listen, to learn …. to sing, to discern …. to dance, to discuss….to create, contemplate and pray.   

Come as you are, but come ready for transformation.

Should this conference be your next step? Are you ready to give and receive in this deep and personal and communal way?

 Take a few moments – or days – and discern…. Let Spirit guide you…. No matter what you decide please remember you are welcome, now and always … and that the journey of Spirit is not something you must do alone.

P.S. Scholarships are available for the conference for those in financial need. Find out more here . And for those who do not wish to or cannot travel, we have an online streaming option -

P.P.S. Here is the full quote from Rev. Joyce Horn. It's inspiring!  "By the end of the SDI Conference I no longer felt like a stranger or a stranger to myself,  or a stranger to myself... I became part of a beautifull diverse community that nourished each other. I like to imagine that during those days in Toronto, we generated waves of positive energy that spread over the city and then beyond as each person carried the healing energy back to her or his corner of the world. I like knowing that we can do this again in April 2018 - showing up for one another and spreading much needed positive energy throughout the world. See you in St. Louis!" 





Steven Crandell is SDI's Director of Content & PhilanthropyAn author with experience directing strategy and messaging for nonprofits, philanthropy and business, he now guides SDI's storytelling and education. He has responsibility our website, our blog, social media, our webinars, and "Discover" our free monthly newsletter. ( Sign up here: .) He also works under the direction of Executive Director Anil Singh-Molares to facilitate our fundraising.


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Submitted by Kathleen McAlpin (not verified) on

Thank you, Steven, for this wonderful new vision of our SDi website. I'm enjoying every page and appreciated your invitation to the Conference in St. Louis.
Much peace,

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