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Guest Author: 
Liz Budd Ellmann, MDiv

For the next three years, SDI will explore the theme Emerging Wisdom. When I shared the new theme with my mother and father during a recent visit, we were sitting around the puzzle table at our family cabin. Hundreds of mostly blue puzzle pieces surrounded the tip top of Split Rock Lighthouse, which was just beginning to take form against a blue sky (see image above).  

“Sometimes it’s hard to separate the water from the sky,” my father said, comparing two blue puzzle pieces. “Wisdom can be hard to distinguish too,” I responded. “True wisdom shines through, and keeps shining, like a beacon protects ships from the rocky shoreline,” my mother added.

Similar to putting together a puzzle of a lighthouse, Spiritual Directors International will be engaging with you in a deeper search for wisdom in the ministry and service of spiritual direction. We know it will take time to explore our ancient roots of wisdom and to pay attention to the edgy new areas where wisdom is emerging. Here are some pieces of the wisdom puzzle we will explore:

  1. What beacons of wisdom from our ancient spiritual traditions of spiritual companionship are shining through and need to be acknowledged and re-appropriated?
  2. Today, what do we notice about our human heritage of spiritual companionship and its capacity to heal and transform individuals and communities?
  3. What flickers of new wisdom emit emergent light that needs tending in order to shine fully into the future?

Together we will look for a picture of wisdom that we trust is always shining and continually forming anew. SDI recognizes that all of us are needed to notice the unique qualities of the wisdom puzzle pieces that are being presented to us by a loving and generous Creator.

In 2015, Spiritual Directors International celebrates twenty-five years of inspiring and connecting seekers with spiritual guidance. Our hope: by exploring the theme of Emerging Wisdom during the next three years, we will deeply listen to the guidance available to us as we move into the next twenty-five years.


As you ponder the theme Emerging Wisdom, what questions and hopes arise for you?

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