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Friday September 15, 2017 9:15 PM

ST. LOUIS, MO -- The Coordinating Council of Spiritual Directors International is in St. Louis for a meeting and retreat. We are all deeply affected by the events of today. We met and listened to residents of St. Louis and nearby areas this morning before the verdict. We want to make it clear that we stand in solidarity with the people of this city. Our prayers are with everyone. As spiritual directors, we feel called to be in community with all people here. We see it as sacred activism to offer our support at this time.
In the public square of spiritual direction, we cannot shy away from the sometimes messy, broken, even dangerous and violent aspects of life. The truth is, we are all connected. We offer our voices and our hearts as part of what we hope will become a broad presence for healing as this night wears on.

If you read this, and have a moment of stillness to spare, please join us in spirit and send your love and healing to everyone in St. Louis.
Blessings to all,
Kristen Hobby (Chair), Bruce Calvin, Cynthia Bailey Manns, Wendie Bernstein Lash, Sister Kathleen McAlpin, Ravi Verma, Bernadette Miles, Sean Murphy and Anil Singh-Molares (Executive Director)
Spiritual Directors International exists to support, educate and connect spiritual directors all around the world. As a nonprofit, we provide a digital community where seekers and directors can find one another. This is the public square of spirituality - where all people are welcome the way they are, carrying their own traditions (or none). Here we all benefit from being open to the practices, beliefs and rituals of others. Here we share universal human values of love, compassion and respect. Tolerance, diversity and inclusion inform everything we do. We celebrate difference and the humanity that unites us all.


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