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Guest Author: 
Jacquie Reed

One of the presents I received for my sixth birthday was Now We Are Six by A. A. Milne, a collection of poems. The poems were funny and several contained words that were unfamiliar. For example, "Sneezles" describes a physician's efforts to diagnose Christopher Robin's illness. The doctor wonders if Christopher Robin has sneezles or wheezles or reazles or even phtheezles. I remember laughing when I read "Sneezles" and I usually read the poem over and over again.
However, my very favorite poem in the book was "Solitude." As a six year old with a very verbal two year old brother, I realized that my true inner self craved solitude "a place where I could go, where there is no one, but me."
The need for silence and solitude continued as I grew and when I was an adult, I finally was able to create a designated place where I could have time alone--my desk.
I inherited the desk from my younger daughter when she went to college. Since the desk is not an "elegant piece of furniture" I have decorated in ways to make it completely my own--I have taped scripture, a tiny picture my younger daughter drew, an e-mail from my older daughter, and a challenge from one of my pastor husband's sermons. There are paint marks from numerous projects--a small container for pens and pencils, rocks, paint brushes, prayer beads and my always open Bible.
Everything that I do at my desk connects me to God--prayer, drawing, painting a picture, writing a story, quilting or embroidery. I also have an elevated view of the woods behind my house since my desk is on the second floor. I watch the trees blossom anew each spring and change color in the fall--the rhythm of the seasons and the 24 hour cycle of a day are natural rituals that provide daily nourishment.
I cherish my special place which began in my heart decades ago and remains a "spot where I can go where there is no one else but me ... and God."


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