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Windsails Cross the Atlantic

Guest Author: 
Wendy Rudd

What are Windsails, you may ask?

‘Windsails’ form a meditative art installation.

One hundred and eighty curved cane and paper triangles are suspended together in groups to form gently moving mobiles. This installation has been shown in many locations in the UK and was on display in the church of St. Paul in Palm Springs, California, USA during Lent this year.

The idea for Windsails began while I was staying on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. This sacred place, one of the birthplaces of Celtic Christianity lies off the Northumberland Coast on the east side of England, UK. I noticed the crab creels piled up on the harbor and became fascinated by the spaces between them.

I sketched the curved triangles and then began to make structures of thin cane. Once filled with meshes of paper, string, thread and stitch they became sails. Connected and hung from one another, they were responsive to the slightest breath. I created this piece for the thousands of visitors while I was an artist in residence on the island.

I noticed that as people watched them move, they slowed down. These ‘Windsails’ brought with them a sense of peace and calm.

As they were exhibited in churches and centers around the country others mentioned that these Windsails can bear all kinds of meanings.

Some people find that the battered textures of some of the sails speak of pain and suffering, while many comment on the tranquility of their gentle movements. Some see relationships and family trees, held in balance in the presence of God.

Sometimes the triangles become tangled, but as we wait and watch, they resolve and continue their journey.


Where can I find space to pause, become calm, and reflect on what God may be saying to me at this moment?

Wendy Rudd. Cheshire, England, UK.

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