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Guest Author: 
Azra Rahim, MD

Some call her Mary. Peace be upon her.  Muslims know her as Maryam.  Peace be upon her. Muslims revere her. The Quran calls Maryam - peace be upon her -  the most righteous among all women. She is believed to be pure, in every sense of the word and that is what Azra (my name) means - Pure. I am named in her honor. In my earliest memories, my grandmother speaks love stories of Maryam - peace be upon her - linking us together, forever. 

Guest Author: 
Steven Crandell


There is a quest in every open-ended and open-hearted question.

Who am I?

This is just such a questing question.

What is my destiny?

This is another.

If these questions seem daunting, remember that a true response is always a good response.

“I don’t know,” can be just such a true response.

“I don’t know” can be the beginning of a great adventure. It can create an openness to learning and growth, to more open-ended, open-hearted questions, such us:

Guest Author: 
Janice L. Lundy, DMin

A good way to start thinking about nature,

talk about it.

Rather talk to it,

talk to the rivers, talk to the lakes,

to the winds.

As to our relatives.


~ John Lame Deer


People from the beginning of time have linked their inner lives to Nature. I use the term “Nature” here, with a capital “N” to denote sacred Presence. Such has been the case for me.

As a young girl, I felt such Presence while walking in the woods or along a sandy shoreline. I heard Presence whisper through the trees and grasses; witnessed It as birds soaring in flight and in the delicate unfolding of flowers. Something holy presented itself to me through all things of land and sea. Because of this, I can easily label myself as a “nature mystic.”

Guest Author: 
Pete Bernard

This Blessing Ceremony is shared by Algonquin Medicine Person, Pete Bernard. It came to us via Carole Trepanier, one of the presenters of our webinar series Spiritual Companionship for the Dying. https://www.sdiworld.org/educational-event/sdi-webinar-spiritual-companionship-dying-encouraging-connection-community  

Very grateful to both Pete and Carole.



The Blessing Ceremony is a powerful practice for healing/freeing oneself and others from the Unforgiveness State. It is a foundational step on the Path to Forgiveness. This ceremony LEADS to forgiveness but does not DO forgiveness. It is an outcome.

Guest Author: 
Hans Hallundbaek, M-Div, D-Min

Swedish Climate Activist Greta Thunberg, age 16, addresses the United Nations, September 23, 2019.


When we witness how in quick succession a young girl from Sweden awakens first her own country, then Europe and now the US and the whole world to the climate crisis, we may wonder how she does it?

What is the secret behind her ability to rally a quarter of a million people in New York, the capitalistic center of the world, and millions in 185 countries  worldwide joining in the largest climate protest in history? (This took place only last week on September 20, 2019.)

Guest Author: 
Eric Massanari