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Spiritual Directors International member Douglas Gregg wrote the
following reflection for a bi-monthly newsletter he sends out for
Christian Formation & Direction Ministries:

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A recent USA Today article notes a growing trend for young adults to become more religious than their parents.


Though Gallup polls dating to the '50s say young adults are less likely to attend services or say religion is very important in their lives, clergy of all stripes say they are seeing a small wave of young adults who are more pious than their parents.

What's your experience? Are you noticiing an increase in younger directees?

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The official Kabbalah Blog of the Bnei Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies has posted a three minute video that describes the role of a spiritual teacher in Kabbalah. Rav Michael Laitman, PhD, discusses the role of a Kabbalist teacher and spiritual attainment with European MTV host Eden Harel.

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Lost hubcap? by bakshi [via Flickr]An auto body shop owner and spiritual follower blogs about the value of spiritual direction. He notes that anyone in a ministerial leadership position should have a spiritual director. He also lists some components of spiritual direction that new directees need to be aware of, including:

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altSpiritual Directors International member, Ron Rolheiser, OMI, was honored for his 25 years of teaching summer courses in theology and spirituality at Seattle University. Coordinating Council member Terry Moran, CSSR, and Executive Director, Liz Ellmann, MDiv, attended a dinner in Ron’s honor. Many spiritual directors in the Seattle area attended Ron’s talk about “Secularity and the Gospel: Being Missionaries to Our Own Children.”

You can listen to or view the lecture here.

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Liz Ellmann and Ann Winsor
Spiritual Directors International member, Ann Winsor, visited Liz Ellmann during her recent visit to
Seattle, Washington, USA for the Episcopal Conference Ministry Conference. Liz and
Ann talked about ways spiritual directors might support young adults in their faith

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Atitle=The Dallas News Religion blog recently reported on a Gallup poll that found, in the United States, confidence in religious institutions is waning.

The confidence level is one of the lowest for institutionalized religion in the 30-plus years that Gallup has conducted the poll. Peaking at 68 percent in May 1975, the figure bottomed out at 45 percent in June 2003.

Read more here.[@more@]

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An eruv surrounding a community in Jerusalem

Workers will soon start hanging thin fishing line high above Palo Alto. Though nearly invisible to most people, it will ease the lives of hundreds of Orthodox Jews while leaving a few others uneasy about the intersection of government and religion.

People who strictly observe Jewish law are prohibited from working on the Jewish Sabbath, which runs from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. "Working" includes driving and carrying or pushing items between private and public domains - for instance, from one's home to the outdoors....

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Emily Wilmer of the Julian Group in Ithaca, New York, USA, has been using a covenant agreement with her directees for about ten years. "It seems to get the message across to potential directees," she says, "of what I can and cannot do vis-a-vis what they are hoping for."

To share your own experiences of clarifying directees' expectations, click here.

To read Emily's covenant agreement, click


A Covenant for the Spiritual Direction Relationship



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