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Participating in the workshops of Emerging Wisdom will be a transformational experience where ancient truths are celebrated and new insights are discovered. SDI offers a variety of workshops to match the learning styles and needs of participants. The percentages after each workshop are intended to help you choose experience that will suit your learning style:% Presentation, % Discussion, and % Experiential. CEUs are available for workshop participants. Come to engage, participate, and learn from the SDI global learning community. To learn more about a presenter, click on his or her name.

F2. The Spirituality of Waiting
(Cynthia Bailey Manns)

We spend a great deal of time waiting, in the “liminal space,” where boundaries dissolve a little. We stand on the threshold, getting ourselves ready to move into what we are to be. This workshop, referencing Holly Whitcomb's book, Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting, delves into the spirituality of waiting in liminal space as we pay attention to the spiritual gifts of patience, loss of control, living in the present, compassion, gratitude, humility, and trust in God.

34% Presentation, 33% Discussion, 33% Experiential
1.25 CEUs

F3. The Desert in Image, Word, and Contemplation
(Richard Bonacci)  
The desert is both a geographic place and a spiritual image rooted in scripture and tradition. Its relevance today is as a frontier of urban change, migration, and transformation, a provocative image of our personal and societal aridness. This three-hour outdoor walking meditation, through silence and small group discussions, looks at the desert as found in Scripture, the writings of the Desert Mothers and Fathers, and contemporary spiritual guides. NOTE: This extended workshop will take place over both workshop sessions. Please do not select a second Friday workshop.

20% Presentation, 40% Discussion, 40% Experiential
3 CEUs

F4. Challenge and Possibility in the Borderlands:  Evoking Fresh Experience and Negotiating Boundaries in Spiritual Direction and Supervision
(Maria Tattu Bowen, PhD and Rebecca Bradburn Langer, DMin)

Participants will encounter the fruitful possibilities and challenges of dwelling in various borderlands inherent in spiritual direction and supervision. We will practice several ways to evoke fresh experiences from within the border between conscious and unconscious awareness. We will explore the importance of boundaries between the spiritual director and spiritual directee, between supervisor and supervisee, and between spiritual direction and other disciplines, deepening our appreciation for how supervision supports us in creating and maintaining appropriate boundaries.

40% Presentation, 30% Discussion, 30% Experiential
1.25 CEUs

F6. Spiritual Care Groups on the Margins: It’s Closer Than We Think
(Rev. Becky Hamann and Kelly Arrendell, MRE)

Explore group spiritual care in conjunction with social service agencies and recovery-centered programs. We will explore ways to connect with—and navigate through—the systems that are in place. Participants will experience a portion of a lesson that Reah Ministry uses which reveals the transcendence of spirituality between cultural and socio-economical borders. Curriculum topics and ways of connecting with communities will be part of the exploration.

34% Presentation, 33% Discussion, 33% Experiential
1.25 CEUs

F7. Where Mystics Live: Multiple Crossings of Body, Heart and Mind through Movement, Art, and Silence
(Nita Ng)

Including silence, somatic awareness, and creative expression activities, participants will experience a deepening in their own contemplativeness, where the realities of daily life and spiritual contemplation inter-flow seamlessly in our life’s journey. We will explore different levels of our inner-spaces, blurring thresholds of awareness among body, heart, and mind, deepening connections with others and the universe. We will delve into practical applications of creative contemplative practices within spiritual direction.

20% Presentation, 20% Discussion, 60% Experiential
1.25 CEUs

F8. Exploring Boundaries of Science and Spirituality
(Pamela Prime and David Kirkpatrick)

We will explore ways that science can strengthen our faith and make companioning seekers on their spiritual journeys more effective. By summarizing aspects of quantum physics, cosmology, research on brain wave patterns, and sensory modalities, this workshop will examine ways of addressing doubt, deepening prayer life, and expanding ecological awareness. We will work through two experiential exercises to support emotional and spiritual change and healing.

34% Presentation, 33% Discussion, 33% Experiential
1.25 CEUs

F9. Borderlands in the Spiritual Journey: Using the Enneagram to Care for Those Stuck Along the Way
(Christina Walker)

When navigating our spiritual journeys, sometimes we find ourselves bogged down in a borderland—a place of transition where two different ways of seeing and living rub up against each other. How can we as spiritual directors discern specific ways to assist the many different types of people who find themselves stuck in that place of transition? The Enneagram Triads provide a helpful way of approaching these borderland experiences.

47% Presentation, 40% Discussion, 13% Experiential
1.25 CEUs

F10. Emerging Wisdom at the Borders of Spiritual Direction and Coaching
(Mary Waskowiak, RSM, and Alfred DePew)

Both coaching and spiritual direction explore the human spirit. Where does the border between them become permeable, enabling us to cross into larger sacred territory? By presenting a short demonstration of each, we will explore the common ground and the distinctions between coaching and spiritual direction. We will look at ways to apply what we learn together.

35% Presentation, 30% Discussion, 35% Experiential
1.25 CEUs

F11. Sexuality, Spirituality, Health, and Spiritual Direction
(Tommie Watkins, PhD, MSW)

Among people—particularly in faith communities—no other topic provokes such heated debate as sexuality. Research has shown that religiosity and spirituality can contribute to internalized shame, which can be correlated with higher incidences of mental illness, including depression and substance abuse. This workshop will facilitate an open exploration of ways to address sexuality in spiritual direction.

55% Presentation, 30% Discussion, 15% Experiential
1.25 CEUs

F12. At the Threshold: Art and Poetry for Emergence
(Melanie Weidner)

Session two of this workshop is full.
Through the evocative power of art imagery and poetry, experience the joy of spontaneous and imaginative conversation. Together we will explore the threshold moment—the rich space between now, unfolding, and emergence—in our own lives and in those spaces, we hold with others. This group spiritual direction workshop offers nourishing community interaction with art and an inspiring variety of poems, along with personal creative reflection in brief free writing and simple drawing.

25% Presentation, 45% Discussion, 30% Experiential
1.25 CEUs

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