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Spiritual Directors International 2016 Emerging Wisdom conference, held in San Diego, was graced with art work from eleventh grade students at the Waldorf School San Diego. 

SDI is a non-profit educational organization with more than 6,800 members across the globe. Each year members gather to learn together about the ministry and service of spiritual direction.  Spiritual direction is a discipline of contemplative listening that helps individuals connect with the inner dimension of their lives.

SDI member and local artist, Jerilynn Harris met with the students at the Waldorf School. She spoke with them about the conference theme of exploring issues surrounding borders. Students produced artwork expressing what emerged from them as they considered what borders impact their own lives.

During the three-day conference, the artwork was displayed for participants to contemplate as part of their own reflection on borders. Participants were invited to write what was prompted in them by the young artists’ work. Below you will find photographs of the artwork and the responses that were shared.

Sunrise or sunset, both with the hand of the Divine.
The thin layer between sky and sky.
Life is a gift. Alleluia.
Reach out despite the pressure of one’s environment.
Finger print of God.
Transparent God.
I was filled with joy by the movement and colors!

Creation of art work makes us break all borders.
Love, community, and tenderness
Our grief and our joy sing out in union, reminding us we are aspects of the One.
Beautiful work. You are indeed diminishing borders, building community; I stand in awe. Thank you.
Can we learn from history?
A gift of awareness at such a young age. Wisdom. Thought provoking! Powerful.

You are blessed. You are a gift.
Amazing idea. I personally like the one of the ice and the fire divided by what I believe is sand. This gives me the idea that the border in this case is the sand separating the two elements that together could change the world.


Thank you for your effort in putting this together. The border there is to overcome division of race, creed, etc.  by LOVE!
Beautiful work! The gorgeous colors inspire me from within and give me a rekindled love for the world without! Thank you!
Balance of opposite and flow of wave of ocean and life.
I like this for some reason. I don’t understand it, yet I like it. Seems random and intriguing. Raw and real. Definite boundaries, yet so exploration.
Thought of waves.
Once upon a time it began, and now it begins again often, more and more often.
Thank you.
Borders arise out of our experiences of fear, anger, lack of love, etc. Borders are erased by trust and unconditional love!
Sharp and soft, we encounter and yet move to travel on.

Sky, earth, fire, and the deep of the ocean. I see ultimate borders in the joining of the far elements.
Presence of burning bush to light and guide our path.
Spirit Blazer.
Let the fire of the Spirit set you free.
Hot fire, cool breeze.
We must come together to experience the richness and gifts of the other!
Moon glow.
Do you see them kissing, flame to flame in the sky? Do you see them chest to chest in dark embrace? Do you see the whole sun moon cycle reflected, refracted in oneness?
Hope arising!
I enjoy the imperfect in the sky. It makes this piece real for me. The forms are well done and defined, interesting and compositionally fine, but the unexpected scare “that’s life.”
When I didn’t know, I looked and listened and that I came to know. Grateful!
Peace, whales, healing, cool…
The light is present to open eyes of the heart.

Life has a rhythm.
Harmony in action.
Borders are constantly shifting.
Ripples of color that keep their color and enhance each other.
Flow. Softness.
Soft flow beauty.
Seriously! That is patience! And observation. Subtle beauty, softly moving.
So subtle, this life, so simple and profound.
Desert. Changes blowing!
Gradual shifting of sands brings new vision.
There is a flow, a movement to borders, inner and outer. I’m growing to accept that…
Beautiful flow in the wood!
Oh, how often the ground of what I know and/or believe can seem to change.



Yes, the border we most fear, that between living and dying. What does it take to live in that place?
Death and life. The balance: Does is explode or integrate?
Thanks for your artistic insights. Very powerful!
This shows pain, isolation, death of spirit in the midst of potential life.

Swimming in a sea of Love!
Love comes in many colors.
Flow that crosses boundaries!
These are wings to be found.
Rich and pulsing with love.
How close and yet so separate. Is it by choice?

I see in this work a space between earth and sky.
Darkness and life.
Tears that go upward and not downward!
I LOVE this piece! The ground of growth, the stretch of seeking, the flow of the unexpected, the entrance of the subtle.  This is awesome!
Symbol of hope.
Oh my, heart stretching pain, gently, peace.
Dandelions! Reminding us to keep making wishes! Hope!
Stand tall. Keep reaching even in a crowd for your beliefs.


The pull of light and dark within the borders.
Yin/yang balance of life.
Opposite complement and flow into each other.
The accidental positioning tells the story. Can the observer in the background take the powerful punch of reality? The ripple effect would indicate a reaching out makes one whole.
When it begins and ends, again, again.
So little is black and white if we really look!

The subtlety of the transition becomes vibrant.
Sunset. Awesome.
New life. Seeing with the large horizon. Boundaries!
Shy earth and sea.
Why is perfection so hard? Beautiful insight into the struggles of life and the beauty they become. Well done.
Still still stillness still soon.
An invitation to see the color of another. Life a memories can and do blur.
Beauty in the individual expressions. Swirling, rising, singing, dancing, flowing, crashing, soothing, growing, reaching, loving.

Rose, beauty, strong. Arising out of and holding its own life force in engulfing energies below and above.
Day, into the center of love/healing. Blooms and holds life.
Is there a fire that rises from the heart? Are there eyes to see the reflection of the light? Is there a ground to grow this love? Your transparency is beautiful.
Oh, that it be so. Sacred beauty.
Rose of love, of peach, can be discovered in time and place.


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