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SDI Conference 2019

Seeking Connection will feed you spiritually - in a way only it can. 20 workshops, 6 full-day seminars, a 4-day interspiritual retreat, an indigenous-inspired spiritual journey in the stunning Pacific Northwest ... and 12 dynamic speakers from across the generational and spiritual spectrum.

Welcome to the Public Square of Spiritual Companionship, where all people enter with their spiritual tradition or inclination intact. Come as you are, but come ready for transformation.

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Learn from People who Knew Henri Nouwen

Henri Nouwen was one of the most famous teachers - and practitioners - of spiritual direction in the 20th Century. He was passionate and compassionate, insightful and encouraging - a Catholic priest, professor and author of more than 40 books (8 million copies sold and counting). But in spite of his popularity and fame, he's perhaps best known for his humility and humanity. (He referred to his own spiritual direction as "spiritual friendship" or simply being a "soul friend.") Nouwen taught at Yale and Harvard Divinity Schools. And one of his students, who received spiritual guidance from Nouwen and also took Nouwen's course on spiritual direction, is our co-presenter for this webinar, Michael Christensen.

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SUPERVISION TRAINING -- The first training sold out. Now, there's a new opportunity - in Washington D.C. - May 20-24, 2019. This is a 5-day training session -- a chance to learn in depth from one of the founders of SDI, a woman steeped in the calling who brings a rare depth of experience in supervision to her teaching... as well as a lovely sense of humor!

Participants will:

-- Consider how definitions of spiritual direction affect the process of supervision

-- Look at supervision as a process of self-reflection, education, and consultation

-- Explore a variety of processes to enhance the supervision relationship

-- Consider supervision in individual and group settings

-- Practice both individual and group supervisory processes

And for this training session, there is also accommodation and meals available at the Washington Retreat House. Learn more and register here





A NEW SDI SPIRITUAL JOURNEY TO IONA IS AVAILABLE FOR BOOKING -- Many of you already know the history and the spiritual grace of this ancient place... Watch this video (scroll to bottom of page) to learn from guides Sally Taylor, Andrew and Wendy Rudd what you may expect on this extraordinary, multi-faith journey.... September 20 - 28, 2019..... As poet Andrew Rudd says ... "All you need to do is listen and Iona will show you." .. Grateful to be able to offer our community this opportunity. Learn more.



What’s your story?  It’s a question we are often asked in everyday conversations, and one that is of primary concern to those of us in the ministry of spiritual direction.  One of the primary reasons that people often seek out a spiritual director is they need help making meaning of their story, that is, nurturing awareness of how God, or however we name the ground of all being,  is at work in their lives.

 In this workshop, to be held at Mercy Center in Burlingame, California, USA September 28-29, 2019, Dr. Diane Millis will introduce us to three different stances for mining the meaning of our life’s story, and the role that a spiritual director can play in facilitating movement from one stance to the next. Learn more & register here.

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