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Spiritual Directors International, with the support of the Patrick and Anthony Wright Formation and Education Fund is excited to host the inaugural SDI Research Symposium, titled “Spiritual Direction without Borders” to be held at the Catholic Leadership Centre in Melbourne August 21st and 22nd 2019 in Melbourne, Australia.

Whether you are a student, academic, researcher or practitioner, we offer a collaborative and open space in which to explore research in spiritual direction and spirituality in academic settings. This symposium will allow participates to come together to share knowledge and forge research networks.

The 2019 SDI Research Symposium includes:

  • Keynote presentations each day by David Tacey, on the themes of ‘Spirituality in secular Australia’ and ‘The Spirituality of the Whole Person.'
  • Panel discussions providing themed provocations for researchers focused upon the inherent challenges of undertaking research in the areas of spirituality and spiritual direction in academic settings.
  • Roundtable-style discussions—sharing and debating research on the topic of spirituality and spiritual direction with a diverse range of topics.
  • ·Additional presentations showcasing innovative and thought-provoking theoretical or methodological perspectives.

About the research symposium:

This academically accredited symposium invites researchers in the field of spiritual direction and spirituality to present their findings to the broader spiritual direction community. The project seeks to promote exploration of spirituality and spiritual direction within and beyond the boundaries of current understanding and expression. The symposium will embrace a range of religious traditions and spiritual perspectives while seeking to find a way to accommodate the distinctive nature of spiritual direction within the range of traditions.

Learn more and register here: https://www.sdiworld.org/educational-event/spiritual-direction-without-borders-research-symposium-melbourne-australia

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