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Seek and Find Guide Expanded Listing

Say more—expand your listing!

All members of Spiritual Directors International receive a free basic listing in the Seek and Find Guide. But does that tell your whole story? For an additional USD$25.00, you can add up to one hundred-extra words, allowing you to share so much more about your ministry and service.

For example, you can include content such as:

  • a description of your background
  • your e-mail address or website
  • your formation and training program name(s)
  • the days or times you are available for spiritual direction

Visit the online store to purchase an expanded listing.

Want to purchase an annual expanded listing?

So you’ve decided you want to take advantage of the expanded listing benefit in the Seek and Find Guide. Great! Once you purchase your expanded listing, it will appear in the Seek and Find Guide for one year or until your membership is due for renewal, whichever is sooner.

You will need to decide when you want your annual expanded listing to start. If this is your first year in the Seek and Find Guide, you have three options. Before choosing when to begin your expanded listing, keep in mind the following:

  • Your expanded listing in the Seek and Find Guide is linked to your membership renewal date.
  • The expanded listing has an annual charge of USD$25.00.
  • Your membership renewal date is located above your name and address on your most recent Presence journal.

Here are two timeframes to consider:

  1. Your most cost-effective choice is to begin your annual expanded listing and to renew your annual membership at the same time. If you choose to purchase an expanded listing and renew your membership at the same time, and it is prior to your annual membership renewal date, you gain expanded listing months in the Seek and Find Guide! For example: your membership renewal date is six months away, and you want your expanded listing to start immediately. If you purchase your expanded listing and renew your membership ahead of time, your expanded listing will link to your new membership renewal date—one year and six months away.
  2. Another option is to start your expanded listing now without renewing your membership along with it. In this case, your expanded listing will expire on the same day your membership renewal is due. Your membership renewal date and your expanded listing renewal date will always be on the same day.

Please proof read and spell check your one-hundred word expanded listing carefully.

Please also note that if your membership lapses or you decide not to renew your expanded listing, your additional content will be removed from your listing in the Seek and Find Guide.

Purchase an expanded listing through our secure online store.

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