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"Jewish Spiritual Direction or Hashpa'ah (Divine Flow) is a process for exploring our connection with what we experience as God, Spirit, Truth—however we express and understand the Sacred in our lives.

Through these explorations, those engaged in spiritual direction, try to discern the presence of the Sacred, in their everyday lives, work, celebrations, and struggles.

This call explores the historic and current evolution of Jewish spiritual direction, some of the key elements of the experience, and how this sacred practice can help individuals and communities deepen their connections to God, self, community, and the world."

Rabbi Shawn Israel Zevit, Jewish, USA



"The object of spiritual direction is to cultivate one’s ability to discern God’s presence in one’s life—to notice and appreciate moments of holiness, to maintain an awareness of the interconnectedness of all things, to explore ways to be open to the Blessed Holy One in challenging and difficult moments as well as in joyful ones.

The director serves as a companion and witness, someone who helps you (sometimes with questions, sometimes just by listening) to discern the divine where you might have missed it and to integrate that awareness into your daily life, your tefillah, your tikkun olam work, your study, your ritual practice."

Rabbi Jacob Staub, Jewish, USA

"A Jewish spiritual director recognizes the spiritual hunger of contemporary Jews. Throughout Jewish history, mentors such as the mashpia, chaver, or mashgiach, provided spiritual guidance for their settings and eras. Drawing on our heritage to create a contemporary model of spiritual companionship, a Jewish spiritual director helps people to connect experiences of the holy to Jewish vocabulary and tradition, explore Jewish pathways that sustain the inner life, panimiyut, and inspire participation in kehillah, spiritual community."

Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center website

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