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SDI Learns from ...

Name Subject
Addison, Rabbi Howard Avruhm

Rabbi Howard Avruhm Addison shares how dream work and spiritual direction are related.

Agnew, SSL, Una Silence, the role of prayer and contemplative practice, and how spiritual guidance cultivates peace.
Artress, Rev. Dr. Lauren, and Dr. Norvene Vest, OSB, Obl Walking as a spiritual contemplative practice.
Au, PhD, Wilkie, and Rabbi Rami Shapiro, PhD Spiritual direction and making prayer relevant for today.
Baga, Cynthia How spiritual direction and life itself cultivate a primary relationship with God.
Ball, Peter, and Carol Ludwig What nourishes spiritual directors.
Barkley, Dr. Gary W., and Carol Ludwig, MA, ABD Spiritual direction and cultivating compassion in multicultural settings.
Barry, SJ, PhD, Rev. William A., and Bernadette Miles The gifts of spiritual direction as they discuss Ignatian spirituality, Jesus as contemplative teacher, and spiritual companionship across traditions.
Beckley, SNJM, Sr. Cathy The Enneagram and how it can be helpful in spiritual direction and for personal growth and transformation.
Beckman, MM, Betsey, and Straja Linder King, MA, ATR Spiritual direction and the imagination.
Benefiel, PhD, Margaret, and Geraldine Holton, MSc Spiritual direction and supervision.
Blackie, PhD, Margaret, and Pegge Erkeneff The intersection of spirituality and science.
Bogatsu, Rev. Gibbon How spiritual direction helps people deepen their relationship with God.
Bogatsu, Rev. Gibbon, Rev. Mary Earle, Rabbi Ted Falcon, Alexandra Kovats CSJP, and Jamal Rahman Each respond to, “As a spiritual director, what nourishes or refreshes you?"
Borysenko, PhD, Joan, and Pegge Erkeneff Spiritual guidance in health care settings.
Bryant, RSC, Kathleen, and Joann Kay Nesser, DMin Spiritual direction using technology.
Bryant-Johnson, Rev. Sherry, and Francoise Mbazoa, SSCM Spiritual direction in Cameroon, Africa, and Mississippi, USA.
Byrd, Joseph, and Ben Lindwall Emerging spiritual companionship roles and the value of an embodied experience for younger men.
Byrnes, Joshin Bryan, and Sally Taylor The teacher-student relationship in Zen Buddhism.
Chávez, Anthony Service and gratefulness from ancestors, elders and spiritual guides.
Choi, Rev. Dr. Seung Gi, and Rev. Dr. Rebecca Smith Ritchey Cross-cultural spiritual direction in Korea.
Cleary, OSU, Miriam, and Vivian Feintech Intersections in prayer, listening, justice, and spiritual direction.
Cledwyn, MA, Sarah, and Terri Pahucki, MA Emerging language in spiritual direction for athiests, agnostics, and the nones.
Clifford Rodriguez, RSM, Mary Ann, and Barbara Winston, DMin Spiritual direction in Hispanic communities.
Connelly, Cath Common topics in spiritual direction, the role of discernment, and adds a gem: a scripture that exemplifies spiritual direction.
Conroy, RSM, DMin, Maureen, and Lucy Abbott Tucker, MA Spiritual direction and supervision.
Crosby, OFMCap, Michael H., and Linda Douty Spiritual direction with people on the margins.
Deignan, CND, Kathleen, and Jonathan Montaldo The wisdom of Thomas Merton.
DePew, Alfred, and Mary Waskowiak, RSM Address differences and similarities between spiritual direction and coaching.
Dougherty, SSND, Rose Mary Tending the Holy in the now of diminishment.
Dougherty, SSND, Rose Mary, and Vivian Feintech Spiritual direction, prayer, and being present.
Drucker, Rabbi Malka, and Dr. Tim Scorer, DD Elder culture.
Druery, Jeff, and Marybeth Leis Druery Spiritual direction and the imagination.
Dungan, Rev. Lynette How participating at the Parliament of the World's Religions inspires her to be an agent of peace in the world, offering spiritual direction.
Earle, Rev. Mary Learning to pray and listen with more than the ears.
Earle, Rev. Mary C., and John Philip Newell Embodied Celtic spirituality, the sacredness of our being, and genuine sacrifice.
Edwards Jr., Rev. Tilden Hampton, and Leslie A. Hay The value of a spiritual companion, and describe two ways spiritual guidance impacts the greater common good.
Edwards Jr., Rev. Tilden Hampton , and Br. Jack H. Mostyn, CFC How spiritual direction transforms the world.
Eilberg, Rabbi Amy, and Carol Ann Fournier, MS, NCC Spiritual direction in Jewish and interspiritual or multifaith contexts.
Eldredge, Becky, and Rachel Twigg Boyce, MA Busyness, worthiness, and spiritual companionship.
Emmons, MD, Henry, and David Moen, MD Innovation in health care, interdisciplinary care delivery for patients, and the value of spiritual direction.
Erkeneff, Pegge How to find a spiritual director, step by step.
Erlichman, Karen, and Wendie Bernstein Lash The shadow, and Musar practice in spiritual direction.
Falcon, Rabbi Ted The Torah as a paradigm for spiritual awakening, and spiritual direction as a place for doubts and questions to be explored.  
Feintech, Dr. Vivian A., and Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman, MSW, BCC Wisdom in the Jewish tradition.
Finley, PhD, James Thomas Merton, and Merton's perspective on mysticism, purification, and the contemplative journey.
Fournier, MA, MS, NCC, Carol, and Pir Zia Inayat-Khan Sufism and spiritual guidance.
Fox, The Rev. Dr. Matthew Answers to the questions, “Who are our spiritual directors today?” and “Why will spiritual directors have more work in the future?”
Frager, PhD, Robert, and Pegge Erkeneff Spiritual guidance in the Sufi tradition; Frager offers a blessing for spiritual guides and seekers.
Giblett, Noel, and Rev. Barry Hollowell, MDiv Male spirituality, sexuality, and spiritual direction.
Guenther, The Rev. Margaret, and Christopher McCauley The power of mutual listening, human brokenness, and the value of story.
Hauss, Ingrid, and Tim Scorer, DD Spirituality in unexpected places
Hernandez, PhD, Wil The value of compassion and confrontation in spiritual companioning.
Hernandez, PhD, Wil Spiritual companioning, and benefits of Christian spiritual direction.
Hershey, Rev. Terry, and Marianne Hieb, RSM Spiritual direction and the imagination.
Higgins, Rhesa, and Reverend Julene Tegerstrand, MDiv A heart-to-heart conversation about being young and the value of contemplative practice.
Hobby, Kristen Formal as well as informal spiritual guidance, and who would benefit from spiritual direction.
Hoffmann, Jennifer, and Mirabai Starr Imagination, creativity, prayer, and paradox.
Holmes, Rev. Dr. Barbara A., and Christopher McCauley Compassion, contemplation, and womanist approaches in spiritual direction.
Isaacson, Susana, and Debonee Morgan, MFT Diversity and the value of safety in spiritual accompaniment.
Judy, PhD, Dwight H. A quiet Pentecost: spiritual direction in congregations.
Judy, PhD, Rev. Dwight H., and Br. Dan P. Horan, OFM How Teresa of Avila and Francis of Assisi can be relevant to seekers today.
Judy, Dwight H., and Cathleen Murtha, DW Spiritual guidance, Dante, receptivity, and more.
Keegan, SJ, James, and Dr. Anne M. Luther Spiritual direction, vocation, prayer, and being present.
Kovats, CSJP, Alexandra Ecological spirituality as it relates to God's peace and the value of spiritual direction.
La Jeunesse, DVM, GC-C, Dr. Carrie, and Rev. Ruqaiyah Nabe, RN, DMin Compassion, Islam, and spiritual connection.
Lacey, RSM, Marilyn, and Susan Rakoczy, IHM Spiritual care in vulnerable contexts, and the value of compassion in the face of suffering.
Laczko, Zsuzsanna Forgiveness, healing, and discerning a call to become a spiritual director.
Leddy, Mary Jo, and Kathleen McAlpin, RSM Crucial questions refugees ask.
Legerstee, Rev. Dr. Dirkje F., and Raj Gill Surrey The place of embodied spirituality, grace, and compassion in their lives.
Lindahl, Kay, and Carol Mitchell The value of listening and compassionate self-care for health care providers.
Linn, SJ, Fr. Matthew, Dennis Linn, and Sheila Linn The emerging wisdom of near-death experiences for spiritual companioning.
Ludwig, Carol, and Krista Tippett Listening, the power of generous questions, and spiritual direction.
Manton, Rev. Jill The ancient, hospitable ministry of spiritual direction and the diversity of life.
Masculino, Rev. Msgr. Ramon How to cultivate gratefulness, and describes who can benefit from spiritual direction.
McAlpin, RSM, DMin, Kathleen, and Brian McDermott, SJ A relationship with an intimate, personal God.
McAlpin, RSM, Kathleen, and Matthew Linn, SJ Forgiveness, the restorative process, and spiritual companionship.
Millis, PhD, Diane, and Michele Tamaren, MA Spiritual direction and making prayer relevant for today.
Moran, Rev. Terrence J. The essence of spiritual direction and the role of prayer and contemplative practice in spiritual direction.
Munger, Christine Luna, and Brother David Liedl, TOR Spiritual direction with young adults.
Moses, SJ, Korko Who can benefit from spiritual direction and the practice of guidance in India.
Murphy, Sean Freeing the mind and heart through spiritual practice in the Zen Buddhist tradition.
Nathans, Dr. Hannah The role of a healthy ego and how spiritual direction aids our inner work.
Ng, Lance, and Nita Ng Perspectives on contemplation, silence, and spiritual awakening.
Norman-McNaney, Rev. Rosalie, and Therese Taylor-Stinson Spiritual direction and cultivating compassion for justice.
O'Leary, Fr. Daniel Guidance about common themes in spiritual direction, cultivating peace and presence, and describes anam cara.
O'Reilly, SJ, Myles Saint Ignatius, desire, and spiritual companionship.
Paintner, PhD, Christine Valters How poetry, art, movement, and dance may be considered prayer and be helpful in growing closer to God.
Palmer, Parker Thomas Merton, spirituality, and emerging wisdom across generations during the 2016 Emerging Wisdom educational events.
Paulin-Campbell, Dr. Annemarie Renée, and Susan Rakoczy, IHM, PhD Thoughts about spiritual direction in Africa, and the universal appeal of Thomas Merton.
Pennings, DMin, Larry and Jan Phillips

Larry Pennings, DMin, and Jan Phillips explore telling our story through personal experience.

Plattig, OCarm, Michael Spiritual direction from a Carmelite perspective, along with themes of prayer, peace, and justice.
Pollard, John, and Dan Prechtel The healing movement of compassion.
Rahim, Soyinka, and Cynthia Winton-Henry The Race Dance and how embodied dance and prayer are acts of imagination for societal and spiritual healing.
Rahman, Jamal Prayer, the Qur'an, and how spiritual teachers and spiritual directors in the Muslim tradition provide support for learning how to be at peace with yourself.
Roche, Claire Soul guidance and healing through her music, specifically with her harp and singing.
Rolheiser, OMI, Fr. Ron How meeting regularly with a spiritual director would help people in three stages of life.
Rohr, OFM, Richard How spiritual direction relates to peace and justice.
Rohr, OFM, Fr. Richard, and Christianne Squires Contemporary culture, imperfection, and how failure teaches us.
Romero, Carli, and Deidra Schaub Deepening into ancient rituals in their spiritual communities.
Rudd, Andrew Spiritual direction and writing, poetry, and contemplative practice.
Ruffing, RSM, Janet Who would benefit from meeting with a spiritual director.
Rupp, OSM, Joyce, and Susan Loretta The importance of “generous listening” and integrating body, mind, and spirit.
Ruttan, PhD, The Rev. Karl D., and John Stuart Men's spirituality and spiritual direction.
Scofield, RSM, Mary Ann Who would benefit from growing closer to God in spiritual direction.
Shaia, PhD, Alexander J. Where a spiritual journey begins, and how to cultivate compassion.
Smith, Sandra C., and Susan Stabile Ideas about connecting the head and the heart in spiritual companionship and living.
Staub, Rabbi Jacob J. How to read scripture with a compassionate heart.
Staub, Rabbi Jacob J., and Jennifer Hoffmann Spiritual direction, the spiritual journey, flow, "guck" and suffering.
Steindl-Rast, OSB, Br. David Answers to questions like, How do I pray? Where does spiritual guidance lead me? What are difficulties in finding a spiritual guide.
Taylor, Sally Contemplative practices in spiritual direction.
Tegerstrand, MDiv, Rev. Julene, and Rhesa Higgins The spiritual strengths of the millennial generation.
Taylor-Stinson, Therese Answers to the questions, "Who do you speak with about extraordinary experiences of God?" and, "How might we learn to pray from African spiritual traditions?"
Tetlow, SJ, Fr. Joseph Jesus and prayer, and what nourishes him as a spiritual director.
Titus, RN, Deacon Nancy The similarities between being a hospice nurse and being a spiritual director.
Vaccariello, Rev. Dr. Carol The connection between Saint Hildegard of Bingen and spiritual direction.
Vennard, Rev. Jane Spiritual practices: a path to compassion.
Vennard, Rev. Jane An insightful conversation about the value and benefits of spiritual direction and what to expect in spiritual direction.
Willmott, John Guidance to return to our heart story and place of "sanctuary."
Zelča-Čerāne, Marika How spiritual direction contributes to prayer, contemplative practice, and peace.


Reverend Brenda Buckwell and Sandra L. Lommasson dialogue about building safe communities of compassion. - See more at: http://sdiworld.org/videos#sthash.2u6pRdxc.dpuf

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Rev. James Forbes, Compassion at the Dinner Table, October 2009

Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf: Lose Your Ego, Find Your Compassion, October 2009

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