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Sept. 24 - Oct. 15, 2018


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October 2-23, 2018


Please note: Each webinar session will be recorded, so you may watch video recordings at your convenience.




Pacific Northwest Regional

May 29- June 19, 2018

4-part Webinar Series 

(Watch the video recordings at your convenience)

26–29 April 2018

For many of us, Seeking Connection 2018 was like diving into a pool of kindness. It was an opportunity to meet and welcome diverse people who all honor and make space for spirit. The SDI Conference in St. Louis was participatory from beginning to end. Not something you watched, but something you shared. Keynote speaker Rev. angel Kyodo williams showed the way -- offering a compassionate challenge to let our differences guide us to our common humanity. We wanted to share the highlights in photos and videos. So, we created a new page on our website. Have a look.



28 November 2017

Presenter: Bruce Calvin, MDiv

Are you curious about spiritual direction? Would you like to find out how you might work with an experienced spiritual companion to help you connect with God or the Universe or the Higher Power or however you describe the deep connection we all share? Are you wondering how to take the first steps in your spiritual journey? Join us for a free teleconference.

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