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Select articles from past issues of Presence are available for download in PDF format.

The goal of Presence is to identify current trends in the field of spiritual direction, to provide background and resources for spiritual directors as well as others interested in the ministry and service of spiritual direction, and to look ahead at what might be developing in the future.

Presence articles cover a wide range of topics. Some recently published subjects include: "Generational Ministry," "The Effects of Trauma on a Person's Faith Journey," "Guiding the Spiritual but Not Religious," "Cross-Cultural Spiritual Direction," and interviews with spiritual leaders.

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Presence: Volume 24


Diane Millis, PhD and Bussho Lahn, "Narrative Stances in Spiritual Direction - Hearing Others to Their Life-Giving Story" Volumne 24.4

Rev. Seifu Anil Singh-Molares, "Portrait of a Spiritual Director: An Interview with Genjo Marinello Roshi" Volume 24.3


Presence: Volume 23

Diane Millis, PhD, "Opening the Lens of the Heart: Looking Out at the World and Seeing Inside Ourselves"  Volume 23.3


Presence: Volume 22

Van Ness, Becky. "Buddhist Wisdom for Christian Spiritual Directors." Volume 22.4

Presence: Volume 22

Mitchell, Glenn. "Wendell Berry: The Gift of Place and the Work of Spiritual Direction." Volume 22.2

Presence: Volume 21

Presence: Volume 20

Presence: Volume 17

Angelica, Jade. "A Call to Direction." Volume 17.1

Presence: Volume 16

Muldoon, Mark. "Time and Spiritual Direction." Volume 16.4

Au, Wilkie. "The Ignatian Method: A Way of Proceeding." Volume 16.3

Boileau, Richard. "Spiritual Transformation through Transcending Loss." Volume 16.3

Barton, Ruth Haley. "Spiritual Direction with Pastoral and Corporate Leaders." Volume 16.2

Presence: Volume 15

Groff, Kent Ira. "Writing in the Dark to Love: Using a Pen as a Tool in Spiritual Companioning." Volume 15.1

Presence: Volume 14

Moore, Mary Sharon. "Listening the Other into Free Speech." Volume 14.1

Presence: Volume 13

Nolen, Kenneth L. and Harper, Julie. "Integrating Work and Spirit: Spiritual Direction and the Orlando Regional Healthcare." Volume 13.2

Presence: Volume 10

"A Conversation with Richard Rohr, OFM." Volume 10.3

Presence: Volume 9

Hansen, Rita, John R. Mabry, Robert B. Williams. "Companioning People with Dementia." Volume 9.3

Loretta, Susan. "The 70% Factor and Two-Track Training." Volume 9.2

Presence: Volume 8

Scofield, Mary Ann. "Friends of God and Prophets." Volume 8.3

Presence: Volume 7

Ellmann, Liz Budd. "Tending to Spirituality in the Workplace." Volume 7.2

Presence: Volume 4

Vennard, Jane E. "The Compassionate Observer: An Experiential Model for Formation." Volume 4.3

Presence: Volume 1

Keegan, James. "To Bring All Things Together." Volume 1.1


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