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Adventures of the God Detectives

Adventures of the God Detectives
by Nancy Reeves, Linnea Good, and Leslie Chevalier (Illustrator) 
Kelowna, British Columbia, Woodlake, 2006 
94 pages
Reviewed by Beverly Williams-Hawkins

Adventures of the God Detectives is a plucky tale about four spunky kids who stumble upon an exciting mission for their newly formed club. When one of the friends shares how Jesus spoke to her through a much cherished Bible story the best friends decide to embark upon a quest to “search for all the ways God talks to kids” (p. 13). In seven lovely vignettes the story explores each child’s unique encounter with God and what the young detectives learn about how God speaks to children.

In Adventures of the God Detectives, authors Nancy Reeves and Linnea Good lead children on a journey through the magical, mystical, and oft times mysterious realm of Spirit. Flying horses, imaginary friends, ethnic legends, inner feelings, and even temptation all portray the uniqueness of children and how the Creator beckons and speaks to each special child in just the right way for her or him. As they learn from their own experiences and from each other’s, the God Detectives find clues about how God speaks to children—indeed to all people. The unique and special thing about this book is that young readers can join the fun. They can pen their own stories on the note pages that follow the stories or they can participate in a variety of activities on the God Detectives Web site or even learn how to start their own God Detectives Club.

For adult readers the book provides a fascinating peak into the world of awe and wonder of children’s spirituality. Parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, or any adult who teaches or talks with children about the ways of God will appreciate the “Notes for Adults” which outlines some do’s and don’ts for sharing our spiritual experiences with children. The reflections and questions at the back of the book are useful tools for engaging children in dialogue about the stories as well as their own spiritual experiences and questions.

Adventures of the God Detectives lead me on a trek back down memory lane through my own graced history to recall the clues that taught me to hear God’s voice. The exuberant enthusiasm of Tabitha, Emma, Fu-Han, and Jacob inspired me to dust off some tried and true methods and to begin my own quest for clues to how God wants to speak to me today. I have heard it said that out of the mouths of babes comes great truths and that a little child shall lead them. This is true of the God Detectives—let’s join them and let our journeys begin, again.

Beverly Williams-Hawkins, MDiv, is a graduate of Wartburg Theological Seminary and The Center for Spiritual Growth and the Contemplative Life in San Antonio, Texas, USA. She lives in Austin, Texas, USA where she is a spiritual director and psychiatric nurse.

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