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Spiritual Directors International is rejoicing with the new formation and training program graduates! For more information about programs in your area, please view our Seek and Find Guide.


2018 Graduates:

Perkins Certification in Spiritual Direction at Southern Methodist University

L-R:  Bonnie Wells, Diane Bricker, Dr. Ruben Habito (Program Director), Emily Turner, Ann Reese.

The Perkins Certification in Spiritual Direction Program, based in Dallas TX, humbly introduces its newest graduates (pictured above) to the spiritual direction community. Bonnie, Diane, Emily, and Ann are excited to begin sharing their gifts and training with their spiritual communities. Below are some comments from them about their journeys.

Ann, on how she changed as a result of participating in the PCSD program:

“I started the program wide-eyed and unsure of myself, yet I knew this was the path I should go down. Over three years [in the program], I had so many opportunities to encounter the living God with a group of people who would become dear companions. The various classes, activities, and discussions stretched me spiritually and deepened my dependence on the Holy Spirit. The program provided sacred space to experience and hear from God. I changed from being quick to speak to learning how to patiently listen, from being eager to fix to holding the space for another, from being surrounded by noise to yearning for silence. [At the graduation ceremony], I was keenly aware of how my confidence had grown—confidence in who I am in Christ and confidence in what I had to offer as a spiritual director.”  

 Emily, on her experience in the PCSD program:

“I was originally interested in doing an MDiv, but the PCSD program ended up being the best choice for me financially, time-wise, and was just overall a better fit. It helped me in all of my relationships, including family. I want to use my training and gifts to provide spiritual direction for other people my age, people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. The program at Perkins really helped me to refine my leadership skills. It gave me more confidence and prepared me to lead devotions when I went on mission trips overseas. I loved the relationships I made in the program… The relationships with my cohort felt safe and close. I haven’t experienced that in a long time. I was able to meet up with some of them outside of the class sessions to continue building the friendships.”

Diane, on how she changed as a result of participating in the program:

“Participating in the Spiritual Direction Certification Program at Perkins has been such a big experience for me that it is hard to describe how much I have changed and in what ways. It has greatly enlarged my experience and understanding of God. It has taught me how to engage in non-reactive and holy listening; how to be open to the sacred in everyday life; and how to understand my story and journey as part of the rich tradition of God’s people in the Biblical stories. In short, the spiritual growth I have experienced has been personally and spiritually transformative. And, on a practical level, I have been taught skills critical to engaging in the two ministries, teaching and spiritual direction, to which I believe God is calling me.”

More information on the Perkins Certification in Spiritual Direction at SMU here: https://www.smu.edu/Perkins/PublicPrograms/CSD or by calling Julie Orozco at 214-768-3664.


Franciscan Spiritual Center, Milwaukie, Oregon, USA

2-year training program in Franciscan spiritual direction

Picture on table in front of the group: Nancy Fleming

All names are listed left to right.

Front Row: William Johnsen, Angela Wanak, Amy Williams, Joel Maiorano, Gemma Coffield, Vicki Dueterhoeft, Dan Duval

Back Row: Jennifer Bateman, Theresa Keinonen, Caryn Aman, Patricia Ross, Yvonne Rogers, Val Hornburg, Mary Myers, Margaret Greene

2017 Graduates:

Eirene Spiritual Counseling Center, Gyungsangbug-do, South Korea

All names are listed left to right.
Front row: Kyung Bun Pak, Yujung Kim, Jae Kyeong Lee,  Kyeong Hui Hwang, and Jung Hee Kim
Back row: Sinhyang Park (Supervisor), Jang Choon Yoo,  Kyung mi Kim, and Kanghak Lee (Supervisor)


2016 Graduates:

Benedictine Peace Center, South Dakota, USA

All names are listed left to right.
Front row: Deacon Dennis Davis, Royce Miller, S. Mary Jo Polak (staff), and S. Jeanne Ranek (director)
Middle row: Laura O’Neill, S. Shawn Carruth, S. Doris Oberembt (staff), Sharon Haas, Charlotte Liggett, and Theresa Lanowich
Top row: S. Kathleen McGeary, Pam Kruse, Rev. Dan Kruse, Rev. Jay Denne, Deacon Chet Cordell, and Dr. Stephen Blum

Centro de Espiritualidad Santa Maria, Buenos Aires, Argentina

All names are listed left to right.
Front row: María Aparecida de Fátima Alves, Tatiana La Fuente, María Julia Sanchez, and Cecilia Mihura
Back row:  Marcela Paz, Mariana Achaval, Agustina Fernandez Humble, María Burone, Alejandra Novegil, Alicia Varela, Silvina Senisterra, Hania Stachnik, Liliana Inella, Cecilia Novillo Astrada, Victoria Cotter, and Teresa Amadeo

All names are listed left to right.
Front row: Andrew Cobb, Mónica Dominguez, Susana Alema, Mónica Lorenzo, Valeria Van Rafelghem de Kelly, Maria Teresa Lanusse, Mariana Labougle, María Elina Ortiz, Patricia Bustillo, Lucía Cabrera, María Emilia Seoane, and Silvia Vernet (Secretaria Academica)
Back row: Inés Lanús (Directora), Eduardo Bradley, Cecilia Pueyrredón, Rp Juan Carlos Jaudozyn, Rafael Barruti, Horacio Ordoñez, Micaela Barriles, Clara Gomez Centurión, Santiago Ramos Mejía, Carlos Figueroa Correa, Santiago Delfino, Marcelo Melloni (Responsable Curso Acompañamiento Espiritual, Buenos Aires, Turno tarde)

Centro de Espiritualidad Santa Maria, Cordoba, Argentina

Gloria Ester Ambord, Luis María Avalos, Laura Bardin, Maria Clara Bobadilla, Maria Gabriela Freytes, Luis Gabrielli, Amalia Herrera, María Lanusse, María López Villagra, Estela Martinez, Patricia Mayor, Maria Pompeya Montini, Guillermina Moreyra, Ignacio E. Ortiz, Celmira Paz, Maria Alicia Pognante, and Teresa Rey

Patricia Agüero, Maude Begué, Diana Bergessio, Gabriela Berrotarán, Cecilia María Bravo, María Alejandra Buteler, Gloria Elena Carusso, Maria Magdalena Casas, María De Maussión, Laura Del Viso, M. Victoria Fernández Bodereau, Raquel Liliana Gazzano, Yolanda Inés Guidotti, Silvina Iribarren, Viviana Elena Lima, Carolina López Villagra, Laura Cecilia Lozada, Romina Yésica Maita, Mariana Marcó del Pont, Carmen Mir, Maria Leonor Montero, Carlos María Monti, Sofía Moyano, Fanny Morichett, Silvina María Pueyrredón, Sandra Patricia Rivas, M. Fernanda Romero del Prado, Maria del Carmen Romero, Viviana Andréa Rosetti, Patricia Norma Schelstraete, and Carolina Maria Tagle

Centro de Espiritualidad Santa Maria, San Isidro, Argentina

All names are listed left to right.
Front row: Mariana Giménez Zapiola, Magdalena De Oro, Magdalena Rocha, Lucila Villalonga, Sofía Chiappe, Paula López Anadon, Carolina Pino, and Carola Pietranera
Back row: María Sylvia Alegre, Dolores Wingord,  Graciela Miles,  María Caride, Dilores Moore, Juana del Valle Ortega, Carolina Hollender, Olga Ruiz Díaz, Eleonora Pérez, Natalia Von Rafelghem, and Virginia Marco del Pont

Centro de Espiritualidad Santa Maria, Santiago de Chile

Group One:
Trinidad Aldunate Jaramillo, Concepción Antolín Lupeña, Carmen Gloria Arteaga Correa, Carolina Baeza Rodríguez, Elna Barros Van Hovell Tot W., María Angélica Bezanilla Mena, Sofía Chiappe de Cortese Correa, Catalina    Cisternas Pérez, Edith Droguet Cristi, Bertita Errázuriz Domínguez, Patricia Escarcena Burnett, María Verónica Fernández Murillo, Carmen Gloria González Amaral, María Angélica Gruzmacher Gallo, Mónica Hortal Vergara, María de la Paz Labbé Rodríguez, María Cecilia Larraín Arroyo, Bernardita León Délano, Gloria Montero Jaramillo, Pilar Munita Fuentes, Macarena Pérez Lecaros, and Vicuña Montes, María Eugenia

Group Two:
Maria Alicia Alarcón Pott, María Eliana Castro Wiren, Francisco Correa Ochagavía, María Cecilia Cox Díaz, Cecilia Coz Cañas, Carlos Cruzat Irarrázaval, María Isabel Dibarrart Duhalde, José Cristián Domínguez Hamilton, María Isabel Domínguez Hamilton, Anita Domínguez Valdés, Angélica Echenique Larraín, Gloria Fernández León, Carolina García Kramer, Carolina Gutiérrez Cabrera, Bernardita Menchaca Pinochet, Mónica Mitarakis López, Luz Pereira Ochagavía, Ángela Riesco Jaramillo, María Teresa Rodríguez Samit, Fernando Schmidt Correa, Margarita Sierralta García, Fernando Silva Peake, Cecilia Undurraga Morel, Pilar Urrejola Dittborn, Teresa Vallejos Sofjer, and Malú Wilumsen Vallejos

Centro de Espiritualidad Santa Maria, Monterrey, Mexico


All names are listed left to right.
Front row: Juana María Catú, Tania Zablah, Ileana Cazarín, Blanca Hoyt, Vicky Cantú, Claudia Elosúa, Paty Rivera, Águeda
Middle row: Marychelo García (teacher), Cristina Fernandez (teacher), Ayde Revueltas, Roberta Martinez, Cecilia Garza E, Adriana Rodriguez, Ana María Lazcano, Karla Leal, Tere Cepeda, Sor Catita Martinez, Luz Del Carmen Calero, Martha Gray, (director)
Back row: Paty Garza (teacher), Ileana Aviña, Marycarmen Flores, Maruca De La Garza, Cecilia Martinez, Chachis Rodriguez, Lupita Elizondo (tutor), Magdalena Pozas (director)

Claret Center, Illinois, USA

Marilyn Breen, Anne Marie Bruchalski, Milagros Chaparro, Barbara Gorksy, and Trilby Murray

Eirene Spiritual Counseling Center, Gyungsangbug-do, South Korea

Daeseok Kim, In-ock Kim, Mi-jin Kim, Haegeom Jung, Yunsook Choi, Jung-yeo Lee, and Yunsook Moon

Franciscan Spiritual Direction Training Program, Oregon, USA

All names are listed left to right

Front row: Lesley Laing, Carolyn Cristina Manzoni, Marilyn Buehler, Alizabeth Rasmussen, Ricky Gregerson
Back row: Marsha ShortWebb, Jeffery Savage, Kathy Douglass, Thomas Welch, Carol O’Brien
Not Pictured:  Daniel Beseau

Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction, Arizona, USA

All names are listed left to right. Asterisks indicate those still in the program. 

Front row: Michael Valenzuela, FSC; Tiffany Webster; and Rod Thomson, FMS
Back rows: Ken Griesemer; Stephanie Burgevin-Grethen; Pamela Shepherd; Laurence Leopold*; Anne Bradley*; Bob Mitchell; Karen Richter; Katherine Duck; Carissa Gigliotti; Sharon Devo; Janet Ackerman, OP*; Marilyn Freeman; Catherine Taylor; Vincent Hanlon*; Jan Kilian, OSF*; and Jose Rodriguez, OFM.

Living Fire Ministries, Michigan, USA

All names are listed left to right.
Front row: Pastor Emily Werner; Sr. Nancy Brousseau (staff); Joseph Byrd (staff); Trevor Berrian; and Lela Vandenberg
Second row: June Scarborough; Pastor Laraine Sundin; Kristine Fauver; Sr. Mary Hughes; Carol Demshuk; Sharon Ross; Lorie Gladyness; and Dan McConnell


San Damiano House of Prayer, Massachusetts, USA

Elizabeth Conlon, Diane Dube, Francine Gikow, Benedict LoCasto, Rachel LoCasto, Richard Madaglia, Nataliya Poto, Joseph Ricciardi, Jacqueline Ro, Cheryl Rodriguez and Lorraine Wile.

Sioux Falls Seminary, Listening People to Life, South Dakota, USA

Sara Rauscher, Cindy Thompson, Dianna Trotter, and Lin VanHofwegen


Sojourners Spiritual Guidance, Minnesota, USA

All names are listed left to right.
Front row: Pearlie the dog, Jay Hillestad, Laura Ubl, and Michelle Griffith
Middle row: Christine Ruth, Suzanne Quinn-McDonald, Scott McRae (leader), John Steiner, and Melanie McRae (leader)
Back row: Kent Hemmen Saleska; Helen Cleveland, Susan Lynx, and Brad Skogen

Tacheria School of Spiritual Direction, Arizona, USA

All names are listed left to right.

Top row: Joan Curry, Deborah Ann Dippre, Pamela Keane, and Mary Langlois
Bottom row: Judy Moses, Dan Mudd, Michael Pellegrino, Kathy Sawyer, and Stacey Yell

Wisdom's Way, Arizona, USA

Gregg Ewart, Nihal Hassan, Patricia Martin, Br. Philip McKindley, Sandi Randolph, Carol Staffieri, Christine Tants, and Tamara Wells.

2015 Graduates:

Audire Spiritual Direction Program, Florida, USA

All names are listed left to right.
Aggie Payton, Jo Lum, Victoria Knight, Cathy Doty, Guido Eugster, Elaine Morgan, Rosemarie Folk, and Mary Catherine Pearce

Benedictine Peace Center, South Dakota, USA

All names are listed left to right.

First Row: Eileen Brick, OSB; Pastor Judy Fitzgerald; Juli Caron, CSJ; Jeanne Ranek, OSB (Director); Doris Oberembt, OSB (Assoc. Dir.).
Second Row:  Mary Jo Polak, OSB (Instructor); Jeanette Nordhues; Theresa Hoffman, OSB; Nancy Zemcuznikov, OSB; Mary Kay Daniels; Kristi Gullickson; Carol Larson.
Back Row: Tobias Dammert, OSB; Rev. Scott Taylor; Dan Johnson; Pastor Bill Gran; Rev. Larry Ort.

HeartPaths Spirituality Centre, Oklahoma, USA

Suzan Benson

Lisa Boone

Mark L. Britton
Annette Gardenhire
Monema Stephens

HeartPaths Spirituality Centre, Texas, USA

First row: Kath Koeppen, Joanna Clifton, Diane Pennington, Arva Tatman, Elaine Johnson, Martha Newman, Lane Blessing, Carol Toombs, Ellen Mechler
Second row: Dorothy Eggering, SSND (Faculty), Cindy Alexander (Faculty), Jeff Bouis (Faculty), Nancy K. Dunkerley (Faculty), Bob Black, Carolyn Lewis, Pamela Flint, Evelynn Mackie, Brian Hardesty Crouch (Director), Eunice Cheshire (Faculty), Donnie Hawley (Faculty), and Therese Adamiec (Faculty).

Queen's House Retreat and Renewal Center, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

All names are listed left to right.

First row: Heather Hedlin, Maureen Chastkiewicz, Gloria Daum, Ron Flamand, Kathy Hitchings, Kim Morrison
Back row: Sheila Trumpy, Cathy McGeragle, Carolyn Crittenden, Dianne Mantyka (co-director), Bishop Emeritus Gerald Wiesner (co-director), Gisele Bauche (co-director), Mona Goodman, Marie-Louise Ternier-Gommars

Seattle University's School of Theology Spiritual Direction Program, Washington, USA

All names are listed left to right.
David Rapp, Natasha Burrows, Leigh Weber, Mary Engley

Wellstream Spiritual Direction Training Program, Ohio, USA

All names are listed left to right.
First row: Ana Berrios-Allison, Ernestine Ujah, Jayne Reynolds, Donna Hissrich, Susan Kramer
Middle row: Leslie Flemming, Barbara Hubbell, Sandra Weisner, Evy Buchanan, Carol Ann Spencer, OP
Back row: Kim Paskell, Marsha Ryan, Debra Aichele, Beckie Boger


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